Hallo Androiden


Bubbling arpeggios and warm analogue pads give way to orchestral ambience in John Beltran’s new album Hallo Androiden which takes us on a journey through the inner world of outer space.

Taking a step even further into the ambient side of techno than his earlier albums, Beltran here gives us a mix of nostalgic synthwave and emotionally charged ambience.

A Different Dream” is a soothing interplay of bubbling synths that reminds me of nothing if not the Galaxy Map music from Mass Effect, which I guess means I invested way too much time in exploring the galaxy there. “One Of Those Mornings” harks back to the sinister synthwave of the Stranger Things main theme, albeit underscored with some softly swirling pads to provide some relative reassurance.

Perfect In Every Way” is a more upbeat affair, with jazzy shuffling snares, big beats and peaky synth stabs, while “Beautiful Robots (Ambient Reprise)” takes on an orchestral tone mixing strings in with the synthesized sounds to provide a calm centrepiece to the album.

Album closer “Fernweh” sees us launched into the otherworldly realm of deep space with beeps and bleeps, deep echoes and endlessly refolding reverberations.

Original released in digital/CD format in April via Blue Arts Music, a limited run coloured vinyl edition has just been released by Delsin Records.

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